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1.   of or concerned with the principles of a subject: introductory or fundamental.

ELEMENTARY refers to the simple, easy facts or parts of a subject that must be necessarily learned first in order to understand succeeding ones.

It's Elementary, My Dear Watson!

d t has been said, & we truly believe; that it is a capital mistake to theorize before one has all the data. This is why at Elementary, we get elbow deep & examine the facts before getting down to the actual work. We know that in order to establish your unique vantage point, we must first begin with the basics & examine the little things before we can see the bigger picture. After all, it’s Elementary!



Building A Case File

d e understand that brands cannot exist on the mere backs of type faced logos; but in the strength of their stories & the relationships they foster with people along the way. Every project has its own sui generis story - which is to say that every project requires quite the different approach. We believe in the importance of market research & due diligence. That, coupled with select insight gained from YOU, ensures that the work derives from the heart of the business, and not just another set template.

"It has been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important."

- Sherlock Holmes, A Case of Identity


Derek Ong
Derek Ong
Founder & Guv'nor

"Well done is better than well said." And that's quite simply why Elementary was born. No stranger to the world of start-ups and armed with the faculty to assemble an impeccable team every time, Derek turned his musings of great campaigns and effective communication into something tangible. The man with the plan; Derek is Elementary's co-founder and key strategist.

Charmaine Seah-Ong
Charmaine Seah-Ong
Founder, General of Brand & Merchantry

Accoutered with a plethora of skill sets from her years of experience in interactive media production, business development and marketing, Charmaine has honed an elemental ability to sort the gems from the clutter. Something of capital importance here at Elementary. A fountainhead of ideas and a flair for turning everything she touches into something up-to-the-minute, we wouldn't quite be the nifty division without her.

Ryan Gomes
Ryan Gomes
Inspector of Alchemy & Order

An entrepreneur at heart, with a knack for acquainting himself with many a digital apparatus, we would not be functional without this boy genius. As much as the work needs to look great, it also needs to work great. That's where Ryan comes in; keeping Elementary operations in perfect order and making sure that every project put out is efficiently delivered and performing at its best.

Aarika Lee
Aarika Lee
Chief of Merchantry & Linguistics

Every idea begins as a dream, and the weaving of such dreams lies in the nimble hands of Aarika, our resident storyteller. Augment that with her passion for film & history, and you have someone who is well-acquainted with what it takes to stir the hearts of man. A shining star in the local music scene, her rapport with industry influencers allows her inside access to ensure she is always ahead of the curve.

Russell Seah
Russell Seah
Marshall of Art & Weaponry

The Creative Mind behind Elementary, Russell is armed with an extensive portfolio showcasing his dexterous abilities and keen eye for ace design. Having already played an integral role in branding numerous hospitality clients and publications, there is no telling what else this man has up his sleeves. Serving up his best work every time, we've come to one Elementary conclusion: always pick the one with the weapons.

The Elementary Network

d s we all know, the worldwide web is a fast growing, effective & highly relevant space that must not be left untapped. It's quite an assemblage of social savvy heavy weights we've got here at Elementary to really help our clients pack a punch in the digital ring! But merely preach we do not - see for yourselves what we've been up to....



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