Our team of highly qualified engineers are able to provide you with an optimized design solution for rig structures as well as its components. We can provide design drawings, fabrication drawings as well as provide draftsmen for onsite projects. Rig Resources believes that in order for new clients to have confidence in our ability they need to understand where we come from. We are a company that has a century of combined experience in Engineering, Manufacturing, Inspection, Modification, and Installation of drilling structures.

Jointly we have manufactured new DES Packages, Platform Packages, Dynamic Derricks, Standard Derricks, Telescoping Mast (for land and offshore), Bootstrap Mast and Land Rigs. We have Assembled, Inspected, Modified, Repaired and Recertified all of the above. We are a progressive group that thinks outside the box to give our customers a solution. We are honest, upfront, and available. Small enough for rapid response and large enough to ensure the solution is carried out by competent crews.

Rig resources will work hard to ensure that we not only “get the order” but establish a relationship so we get all the orders that follow. We can provide solutions and suggestions for new and existing structures. With our team of engineers, we can provide engineering services throughout all stages of a project

We offer a wide range of drilling structure / equipment services including but not limited to:

• 3D Modeling
• Heavy Fabrication
• DES Design
• Recertification Analysis of Derricks and Substructures • New Equipment Foundations
• Drill Package Modifications
• Manual Racking Board Design and Fabrication
• Block Dolly Design
• Manual Casing Stabbing Board

Replacement of Racking Board
Replacement of Racking Board
Wind Wall Design, Fabrication, and Installation