Derrick Inspections & Surveys

Derrick Inspections & Surveys

Rig Resources has a team of multi skilled inspectors who are equipped to carry our clients’ needs at short notice. All our inspectors are rope access certified to ensure we can achieve every requirement of our customers.

We offer comprehensive Lifting Gear Inspection Packages at Rig Resources as our company is a full member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association). With our highly experienced team, we can assure you that you lifting survey will be completed safely and professionally.

Hull Inspection and Class Surveys

Rig Resources is able to carry out Special Periodic Surveys (SPS) and Hull Preservation Survey (HPS) on vessels for their Intermediate or five-yearly classification requirements. We have been audited and certified by ABS and DNV (402A) as an external specialist and work closely with their surveyors in providing the following services to complete survey requirements.

Our NDT inspectors are experienced and professional as we ensure they are well-trained in current techniques and standards. Rig Resources believes that reports are the foundation of an excellent special survey. We provide final reports in both soft and hard copy formats.


Non Destructive Testing

With our group highly qualified Non-Destructive Test Engineers, we are able to carry out all of your NDT needs. With this wide group of techniques, our Inspectors can evaluate the properties of a material or system without causing damage as well as completing this in a timely manner. All inspectors at Rig Resources are required to be rope access to offer our customers limitless solutions to fit their needs.


Magnetic Particle Testing

Rig Resources is capable of conducting a full Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI) used for the detection of discontinuities in ferrous materials.


Dye Penetrate Testing

With the use of Dye Penetrate Testing (DPI) / Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) / Penetrant Test (PT), we offer a low cost test method to detect surface breaking discontinuities in non- porous materials.


Eddy Current Testing

With the use of electromagnetic induction, we are capable of detecting flaws in conductive materials. We can detect small cracks/flaws in or near the surface of a material even on painted or coated surfaces.


Wall Thickness Testing

Our NDT Inspectors can accurately measure material thickness of a part even in situations where access is only available to one side of a test piece i.e. a pipe or a tank. They measure this by measuring the velocity of sound from the transducer, through a material, then back to the transducer.


Load Testing/Pre and Post NDT Testing


Hoisting and Lifting Surveys

Rig Resources has been audited and certified by LEEA as a development Member ICertificate Number 22001. We provide a thorough lifting equipment inspection as per LOLER SI 2307, covering all aspects of fixed and loose lifting equipment which includes fall arrest, slings, shackles, pad eyes, sheaves, elevators, chains, containers and cranes including load test if required.

Our inspectors are experienced and professional as we ensure they are well trained as required by international standards including LEEA, A5NT and C5WIP. The lifting Gear database detects equipment by identification number, description, safe working load, location, test date and certificate number, and includes any previous inspection history.


Special Periodic Surveys And HPS


Load Path Survey

With a Load Path Survey, our inspectors are able to ensure the reliability of all connections and load bearing components involved in a drilling process. We provide final reports with both soft and hard copy formats.


Complete New Derrick Surveys


Dropped Object Survey (Drops)

As a current member of DROPS, our approach to our surveys is to be pro-active and ensure that we resolve all issues on site before they happen. Rig Resources commits to identifying areas of concern firsthand before operations are disrupted or conditions become hazardous to personnel. We will perform the corrective measures

to ensure safety in all areas.