We started Rig Resources with the hope of providing a unique approach to derrick solutions worldwide. Specializing in rope access, we quickly gained momentum and started branching out to other areas of expertise.

Operating from our main office in Singapore, we are able to provide our services on a global scale.


Derrick Building & Upgrades

Rig Resources supports a wide range of Rig Building requirements due to our extensive background and experience in heavy style Rig Building. With the help of our Rope Access Welders, Rope Access Rig Builders, as well as Rope Access Inspection Crew, we offer a wide range of services to meet our customer’s needs.

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Rig Resources Engineering Division is a core division of our company. With over 100 years of combined expertise in Rig Design Manufacturing, Derrick / Mast inspections and Installation of Drilling Structures, our in-house engineering team is constantly working to find effective solutions for implementation on customers rigs in need. We can design, modify, and recertify new and used Drilling Structures.

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NDT Inspections

Here at Rig Resources, our inspection unit caters to a wide range of services in the Oil and Gas Industry. We have worked on some of the largest oilfield project in Asia Pacific, Central Asia, the Middle East, Australia, South America, and West Africa. We are able to provide our customers with quality assessments and inspection services to assist in all aspects of the oil and gas industry. Our skilled and highly experienced technicians only operate under strict guidelines in regards to safety.

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Drilling Equipment Services

The newest division of our company includes our Drilling Equipment Repair Workshop. Our facility is capable of providing customers a place where their equipment can be overhauled or repaired by highly trained personnel to OEM and API standards. In addition to the refurbishment and repair of equipment, we also offer a vast range of new and used drilling equipment for sale.

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Rig Offices

Rig Resources Worldwide

Operating from our main office strategically located in Singapore, we are able to provide our services on a global scale. Our multi-national organization allows us to provide valuable products, solutions, and services to customers locally, internationally, and worldwide.